Own NFT land in ERTHA metaverse & generate lifetime revenue

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Game ecosystem powered by ERTHA token

Play-to-Earn (P2e) metaverse

Own Lands, Real Estate, Companies, Hire in-game Experts to Maximize Your Global Influence

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Binance smart chain based in game currencies:


Buy, Rent & sell land hexes, earn ERTHA token from TAXES

  • Multiply your funds in ERTHA token by playing ERTHA
  • Real world simulation, players driven economy, wars & politics
  • Be the land owner in ERTHA
  • Be the land owner Be
  • Life Choices Live
  • Win Elections, Declare Wars Win

Be the Landowner

Be the Landowner

Control limited supply of highly valuable hexes

Each ERTHA hex plot is an extremely valuable NFT where dozens of companies and hundreds of people work in-game and pay taxes in Ertha token.

  • Develop your plots to increase their value.
  • Extract and sell plot resources to the market.
  • Build companies to manufacture in Game NFTs
  • Rent plots to other people.
  • Be involved in the political and economic decisions of the state.

You are in control

You are in control

Earn real money while you play

Choose your path and your destiny

Map of ERTHA is divided into hexagons – a home for player communities. Players are free to choose where to live, study, and work. 

Players earn Ertha tokens which they can exchange for any cryptocurrency. 

  • Find resources, studies, jobs via the map.
  • Travel to the farthest corners of the world.
  • A player can build a residence in the place of his choosing.
  • Studies are subsidized from the state budget.
  • All market transactions use Ertha tokens.

Wars and disputes

Wars and disputes

Reshape borders of states

Take control of rare resources

War enables a state and its citizens to achieve its goals on a global scale. Scarcity of rare resources, territorial disputes are among the leading causes of international conflicts.

  • State borders are volatile.
  • All citizens can participate in war.
  • Resources and additional construction sites instigate wars.
  • States can be overtaken by opposing states.

Closed Alpha has launched & funded with $2 Million.

ERTHA NFT built on Binance smart chain with a governance model.

ERTHA metaverse, The first game in DeFi.


Industry leaders gathered to create ERTHA

Linas Kiguolis


Aidas Berukstis


Ernestas Jankauskas


Mantas Vaskela


Greta Skernauskyte

Lead designer

Aurimas Alisauskas

Senior developer

Ugnius Vaidila


Tadas Valutis

Senior developer

Vytautas Chamutovskij


Monika Intaite

Frontend developer

Deividas Varnagis


ERTHA is developed in close collaboration with URAGA, a growing CGI - VFX game development company delivering inovative projects, with creative talents from all around the world.

Own NFT land in ERTHA metaverse & generate lifetime revenue

A little sneak-peak into creation of ERTHA


How to make my NFTs appear in Metamask?

  1.  Connect metamask to the BSC network
  2.  Then all you need to do is enter the contract address and token ID.
    The contract address is: 0x58E7AAcC7208237dBb392FBEc362E1ff542F913d
  3. The Token(NFT) ID can be found on Bscscan, just search for your wallet and
    click on Erc721 tokens.

How can I see my NFT tokens?

  1. Go to www.bscscan.com
  2. Enter your wallet address into the search bar and click search.
  3. Then, click on the Erc721 tokens section. There, you will see your tokens and
    token IDs.

How to make the NFT HEXs appear in my Trust Wallet?

  1.  Click on receive.
  2. Fill in any random letters, for example “xxxx” so that the message “no asset
    found” and a button with “add custom token” will appear, click on it.
  3. Click on network and select “Smart Chain”.
    Add the following contract address: 0x58E7AAcC7208237dBb392FBEc362E1ff542F913d
  4.  Add any name you wish, for instance “ERTHANFT”
  5. Set a symbol, for instance “ERTHNFT”
  6. Set the decimals to “0”
  7. Click “Done” and you’ve just added your ERTHA NFT HEXs to your Trust

How are ERTHA tokens stored?

The tokens are in locked ledgers based on each vesting pool. The token safety is ensured by SAFT contracts with our partners and investors as well as by Legal Requirements.

You can see them in these wallets:

  1. Private Investors
  2. Community & Listing
  3. P2E & Staking
  4. Team & Advisors
  5. Ecosystem Fund & Guilds
  6. Liquidity & Marketing

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