But we did not listen.


But we did not care.


Today the humankind is on the verge of extinction.


Global warming caused natural disasters man could not imagine. Countless lives already lost. We are blessed the brightest minds on this planet saw this coming and dare to take an action.

The project

Governments took action way too late than they should. All of the attempts to prevent catastrophic chain of events fell short. Now the destiny of humanity depends on a single man called dr. Uggyq and his project ertha. The goal of this project might have seemed impossible just a while ago. However, now it is the only way to prevent humankind from extinction.
The Project ERTHA separates human mind from human body. This way human body can be preserved in cryogenic pods stored in a self sustained underground facility.

The way the human mind is preserved is what makes the project successful. Scientist working on ertha project identified three essential stimulus: curiosity, competition, social recognition that can keep human mind active and evolving until the surface of earth can be livable again. The virtual reality with three personality types corresponding three essential stimulus were created.

Brain freeze
Why?Social recognitionCuriosityCompetitiveness
How?Produce & SupplyStudy Research WorkTrain Fight Guard
Main toolsCompanies MarketUniversities LabsWeapons Armors



Social recognition


Produce & Supply

Main tools

Universities, Labs





Study, Research, Work

Main tools

Universities, Labs





Train, Fight, Guard

Main tools

Weapons, Armors


In game screen

At first, when Ertha world was created, its map looked the same as the one once existed. Everything started with the original country borders. The majority of Ertha’s population is always on the move. They travel around the land to explore and find valuable resources, studies, items on sale and places to express themselves. Erthians are not locked into their motherland. To travel wherever they decide to, have to acquire traveling visas.

Map features

  • Countries borders are volatile
  • Find resources, studies, jobs via map
  • Travel to the farthest corners of the world
  • Explore and find various points of interest
  • Find other players to cooperate or compete with
  • A map is the face of Erthas dynamic change.


Players residence
In game screen

The residence is the safest place for every player. Players cannot be assaulted while staying in them. Additional residences can be bought and placed in any free land plot, or they can be rented from other players while traveling. Residences provide bonuses to the players like faster energy and health regeneration, etc. Residences can be upgraded and furnished, what impacts how they are visualized in the game. It is one more way for a player to show off his social status in Ertha world.

Residence key points

  • The first residence is provided for free to every player
  • A player can buy or rent other residences all around the world
  • A player can build a residence in the place of his choosing
  • Residences are upgradable
  • Being in a residence increase energy and health regeneration


Players residence
In game screen

The map of Ertha is divided into hexagons – home of smaller communities of players. Every hexagon represents a certain region of once existed real map. The map includes every property built in each hexagon, including universities, military training camps, markets and other institutions needed for Erthians. Next to the countrywide chat, every hexagon has its separate chat channel. Advertising your merchandise and services or just chatting with other players with the hope to make new friends is the best routine Erthian can wish for.

Grid features

  • Every hexagon has a property building limit
  • Each hexagon is unique and keeps dynamically changing
  • Different buildings can be found here;
  • Explore and find various points of interest
  • Some city hexagons have airports
  • Shortcuts to ongoing missions are provided here


In game screen

Working is an essential part of the production process. Every employer in the game needs to find labor force, which is skilled enough to utilize factory machinery efficiently. Labor force can be used by employing other players using a job contract. A job contract is an agreement that allows a business owner and employee to exchange energy for money. Job contract has a number of criteria: contract type, duration, skills requirements, salary, and fine.

Job key points

  • Working consumes energy
  • There are different types of job contracts
  • There are skill requirements for every job
  • Job contracts are enforced with penalties
  • Taking a job requires traveling to job location
  • Working improves the skills used on the job


War in game
In game screen

War enables a country and its citizens to achieve their goals on a global scale. Inequity in scarce resources, territorial disputes are among the main causes of international conflicts. An aggressor country tries to conquer additional territory to increase its political and economical power in the region: gain access to additional natural resources, extra company construction sites, etc. Wars can also happen just for the sake of it, just because of a human factor. Erthians have full control over all international rivalry and have an ability to initiate wars as soon as their country becomes eligible for that. Country borders in Ertha is a far more volatile subject in comparison with the world once existed.

Product company key points

  • Countries borders are volatile
  • All citizens can participate in war
  • Resources and additional construction sites instigate wars Typography
  • Whole countries can be overtaken
  • Wars happen for a fixed period of time through a series of smaller fights


World and country politics
In game screen

Politically oriented players have an ability to become rulers of their country for a fixed period of time. In case of anarchy, they create gangs and, in case of democracy, political parties. Their reputation, track record as a businessman, warrior or scientist, and organizational skills will play a major role in achieving the position in parliament, becoming a minister or even a president. When in position of power, players have a responsibility of a successful money collection and its wise distribution. Budget plays an essential role when controlling the direction of country industries development, managing crime rate or restricting migration. In general, politicians will be able to turn the energy expenditures of the citizens in the desired direction. It is a hard venture to live through, so only those who are talented, skillful, and patient enough will endure this process.
Veni! Vidi! Vici! Ertha citizens.

Politics key points

  • There are different forms of government
  • In democracy citizens elect representatives to rule their country
  • Politicians are responsible for taxation policy application
  • Politicians are responsible for countries budget money distribution
  • Smart country energy expenditure balanced through budget money distribution


Premium features

Aside from the opportunity to buy in-game items from other players, there is an increasing number of features encouraging spending ERTHA tokens in the game for unique items, social status showoff, and packages for faster advancement in the game.
Different types of purchases have diverse effects on the game. First of all, there are permanent virtual assets like extra property slots, exclusive products, blueprints private jets and others – once players bought them, they are theirs for good. Another type of purchases are temporary services such as protection from assaults, temporary boosters which, once bought, have meaningful, but temporary effect. Moreover, fast forwarding allows to skip waiting times when traveling, working, etc. for ERTHA tokens. Last, but not least, social show off features like 1-3 symbols nicknames or exclusive architecture mansions have an indirect effect on the gameplay and allow players to display their wealth. Since all of the premium features can be bought only for ERTHA tokens, the demand and value for the ERTHA token is increased.
Ertha digital and real trading cards will be implemented into the game. Collecting them will yield players various rewards. Digital Ertha cards will represent different assets that players have in the game. Physical cards then will be bought for ERTHA tokens, traded between players and used to play Ertha collecting card game similar to “Magic The Gathering.”

Premium key points

  • Temporary character protection;
    Extra property slots
  • Temporary company work slots;
    Hexagon patronship
  • Exclusive items, blueprints
  • Timed countrywide boosters
  • Timed communal/personal boosters
  • Fast forwarding waiting times (travelling, working)
  • Exclusively limited edition residences
  • Nickname change
  • Shorter nicknames (3 or fewer symbols)
  • Digital and physical Ertha collectible trading cards

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